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Photo credit: Pink Lotus Photography 

Congratulations on your engagement!


Your mind must be swirling with things to accomplish and endless lists to write down.

Of course with months or years of planning, you want to make sure everything will be perfect on the big day. On your wedding day, the very last thing on your mind shouldn`t be worrying about the wedding details. You only need to sit back, relax and take in the biggest, memorable moment of your lives. Let Sparklers Events assist you in making sure your dreams happen as you imagined. 


Please check our Wedding Packages. From making sure the wedding you planned goes smoothly on the day of to assisting  you in creating the wedding day program and itinerary, and making sure your special day will be a very memorable one. We are here to ease your mind.  

In booking with Sparklers Events, we can provide a list of trusted vendors we previously worked with. Now you can easily check this off your list and have an even smoother wedding planning! 


Questions are definitely welcome. Let’s talk. 

Photo credit: Pink Lotus Photography


Let us make your dreams a reality... 

"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dominique's services. My wedding was almost two months ago, and Dominique was very attentive, offered me good advice, and was very organized. Our day went flawlessly, and if there were any issues, I did not know about them which meant Dominique dealt with them so my husband and I could enjoy our day without any worries! We also had a unique situation in that our wedding ceremony was in a different location than the reception - Dominique kindly coordinated our wedding ceremony, working with our marriage commissioner, and drove to our reception site an hour in advance of guests arriving to ensure that our caterer, band, and set up was completely on track. As mentioned, our night was flawless and I would highly recommend Sparklers Events to any couple! Thank you Dominique :)"

Photo credit: Pink Lotus Photography


Let's Talk

Vancouver,Beautiful British Columbia -Canada

Thank you for contacting Sparklers Events. We will reply within 24 hours . Have a wonderful day!

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